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Alberta's Political Climate
Suggested by Karen Zurek
I appreciate the perspective Ricochet has taken on a number of issues, and would love to see more coverage of my home province, Alberta. Much of the coverage thus far has focused on the oil and gas industry, and for good reason- this industry has flourished in our province and brings certain costs and risks. The push for extraction can be linked to the conservative political climate with few leaps of logic, and I'd love to see independent coverage on how our democracy operates and what 2015 will bring.

Just this week, the official opposition "crossed the floor" to join a party that's been in office since 1971. One reason that's floated around regarding this merger is the ascendance of the Alberta Party, which positions itself as a progressive centrist option. A 2015 election seems feasible, and coverage by Ricochet journalists allows a rare opportunity amplify alternative voices in this province and enrich the dialogue among Albertans.
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