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The Green Marshall Plan
Suggested by Constantine Kritsonis
We have heard in times of financial crisis that corporations are *too big to fail*, that those companies and their shareholders should be bailed out by tax payers and central banks. Hence the corporate bailouts. Hence the trillions of dollars created by central banks as financial *stimulus* that is under performing.

If corporations and LIBOR rigging mortgage bundling banksters are to big to fail, then certainly our planet is to big to fail, certainly our children are too big to fail and all living species on Earth are too big to fail.

So let's bailout our planet. Canada should do it's part. We need a *Green Marshall plan*.

We need to dispel the mass illusion that fossil fuels are mandatory.
The technologies exist to replace fossil fuels cost competitively today. See prof Marc Z. Jacobson's TED talk on how it's done:
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