‘Learn to live with the virus,’ universities are telling teachers
Christopher Curtis
8 décembre 2022
‘More repression’: How CAQ’s plan to expand Montreal police will further criminalize the most vulnerable residents
Christopher Curtis
16 septembre 2022
‘Pretty weird, man’: The radical rebranding of Pierre Poilievre
Christopher Curtis
24 août 2022
Police investigating misuse of pandemic funds in Kanesatake following community outcry
Christopher Curtis
12 juillet 2022
Refusing to be illegally evicted: The last stand for two Montreal tenants
COVID-19 exacerbates ‘filthy and inhumane’ conditions in Montreal jail
Christopher Curtis
20 janvier 2022
Resurgent pandemic, holiday triggers could lead to spike in overdoses
Christopher Curtis
22 décembre 2021
Truckers offload waste on Mohawk homes after closure of illegal dump
Christopher Curtis
13 décembre 2021
Woman’s death at Montreal construction site shows need for more safe spaces for the unhoused
Christopher Curtis
17 novembre 2021
Lazy doctors? Legault’s attack on family physicians doesn’t add up
Christopher Curtis
9 novembre 2021
INTERVIEW: Will Prosper on serving his community, and his biggest mistake
Christopher Curtis
28 octobre 2021
Fighting self-determination: Quebec refuses to transfer youth protection to Indigenous communities
Christopher Curtis
9 octobre 2021
Native Women’s Shelter, partners cut ties with Batshaw youth protection
27 septembre 2021
No running water, no electricity: Kitcisakik struggles to be heard in this election
Christopher Curtis
16 septembre 2021
Young people of colour ‘belong in the political process’ in Montréal-Nord
Christopher Curtis
18 août 2021
Intervention worker's overdose shows depths of tainted drug crisis
Christopher Curtis
16 juillet 2021
Murder in the pines: Kanehsatake debates policing after pot shop assassination
Christopher Curtis
9 juillet 2021
After London murders, one man asks MPs to rethink votes against Islamophobia motion
Why is Canada deporting essential workers to COVID hotspots?
16 juin 2021
Drug testing takes off in the Laurentians — even dealers are doing it
A tangled web: Legault government clears path for a connected company
Frontline workers say ‘overdose pandemic isn’t going anywhere’
Transitional housing, reclaiming youth protection key to breaking Val-d’Or’s cycle of homelessness
Life, death and hope on the streets of Quebec’s gold-mining capital
‘The weight of not being like the others’: Indigenous students on the challenges of university
Unwelcoming by design: Universities struggle to overcome anti-Indigenous roots
‘Too risky’: Atikamekw blockade targets open-pit mining project in Northern Quebec
Detainees say they’re being held in solitary confinement and denied medical care at CBSA facility
Christopher Curtis
24 février 2021
La face cachée de la censure : des étudiant·e·s se confient au sujet de la violence raciale sur les campus
Christopher Curtis
22 février 2021
The other side of ‘cancel culture:’ Students open up about racial abuse on campus
Christopher Curtis
17 février 2021
Eviction is the business model: ‘Renovictions’ continue amid pandemic
Christopher Curtis
12 février 2021
Burning journalism to the ground (for the Good of the Shareholders)
Christopher Curtis
6 février 2021
‘We’re a big family’: Community rallies to erect warming tent for homeless
Christopher Curtis
3 février 2021
Her name was Amanda: Another avoidable death hits Montreal’s homeless community.
Christopher Curtis
28 janvier 2021
Court orders Quebec government to exempt homeless people from curfew
Christopher Curtis
26 janvier 2021
Lawsuit challenges Quebec curfew’s criminalization of homelessness
Christopher Curtis
25 janvier 2021
‘I don’t want to die out here:’ Homeless bear brunt of Legault’s indifference
Christopher Curtis
21 janvier 2021
Quebec curfew putting lives at risk as safe injection sites sit empty
Christopher Curtis
18 janvier 2021
Homeless shelters ‘on the verge of collapse’ as Quebec curfew looms
Christopher Curtis
7 janvier 2021
‘Worst-case scenario’: COVID-19 outbreak hits Montreal homeless shelters
Christopher Curtis
4 janvier 2021
crise du logement
Une crise de l’itinérance frappe Val-d’Or
Christopher Curtis
22 décembre 2020
Mohawk families near Kanesatake dump describe migraines, breathing problems
Christopher Curtis
18 décembre 2020
Delayed pay for psychologists from Indigenous Services Canada hurting clients
Christopher Curtis
15 décembre 2020
‘A community that won’t back down’: The battle at Land Back Lane
Christopher Curtis
16 novembre 2020
Police fire rubber bullets, use Taser during confrontation at Land Back Lane
Christopher Curtis
22 octobre 2020
Quebec ‘missed a huge opportunity’ to address systemic racism
Christopher Curtis
16 octobre 2020
Indigenous women have ‘unfinished business’ years after Val d’Or police abuse scandal
Christopher Curtis
7 octobre 2020
As winter and second wave loom, homeless communities turn to outdoor camps
Christopher Curtis
24 septembre 2020
Police investigating as threats intensify against Anishnaabe camps blocking moose hunters
Christopher Curtis
23 septembre 2020
Anishinaabe block roads to stop moose trophy hunting in wildlife reserve
Christopher Curtis
16 septembre 2020
Threats, fines and fear: A dump on Mohawk land overflows with industrial waste
10 septembre 2020
Christopher Curtis: Why I’m quitting Postmedia to test a new model of journalism
Christopher Curtis
8 septembre 2020