“We care about our work at car2go, and by joining MoveUP we’re making sure our voices and input are heard,” said car2go employee Shawn Walsh in a press release.

MoveUP (formerly known as COPE 378, a local of the Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union) represents workers in a range of sectors, including transit and transportation.

“Car sharing is a growing sector and Vancouver is one of car2go’s most successful cities,” said MoveUP President David Black in the same release. “We believe the intersection between transportation and technology is the future, and it’s important that people working in this sector share in their employers’ success, and have the support and protection of a union.”

Ricochet first reported on the union drive in February, when workers initially voted on unionization. The company contested the ballots, which remained sealed.

Job security was one of the main concerns propelling the union drive, as a number of car2go employees at the Vancouver site were let go early this year.

Owned by the German corporation Daimler, car2go also has hubs in Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary, as well as the United States and Europe.