The People’s Party of Canada is denying the veracity of an email allegedly sent by its B.C. regional coordinator this week, which instructs Electoral District Association Boards to put people of colour in the media spotlight but keep them out of policy positions.

Whether or not the email is genuine, or a forgery as the PPC claims, it’s a bizarre twist in an ongoing feud that has sown divisions in the party.

UPDATE: Racist PPC emails were forged: IT experts

“It’s time for us to defend our Eurocanadian heritage and fight-back against the Main Stream Media Propaganda sycophants,” says the email, dated May 29, 2019.

“People of color need to be removed from any policy positions (they’re all liberals anyways) and put into communications roles as staff or volunteers. We give them important sounding titles/put them in front of the liberal media – and counteract the Left’s witch hunt and authoritarian attempts to impose its politically correct dogmas everywhere.”

Glen Walushka is the B.C. regional coordinator for the PPC. His name is signed on the email, and an email address he confirmed belongs to him,, appears as the sender, but he denies having written it and suggests it was forged.

“This is an absolute political hit job and somebody will be held accountable,” he said by phone, saying he had not seen the email. “We’re more than anxious to find out what’s going on because we do have laws in this country against libel and slander.”

Source is former PPC organizer

Ricochet has viewed a copy of the alleged email and several follow-up messages but has not verified their authenticity. Strangely, they contain passages identical to other material Walushka has put into the public domain including a tweet and blog post.

A tweet sent from Glen Walushka’s Twitter account is identical to the first paragraph of the email alleged to have been sent by him.

The emails were provided by University of British Columbia student Angelo Isidorou. A former PPC organizer, Isidorou recently left the party, writing publicly that it had been “hijacked by egomaniacs who aren’t allowed in any other party.”

“I personally know for a fact that everyone involved in the party [leadership] is racist and I’ve been trying to prove it for months and I haven’t had any sort of validation until now,” he told Ricochet.

“It seems like some free market, libertarian party but socially it’s not that,” he added, pointing to rampantly Islamophobic PPC candidates.

Isidorou is a director of UBC’s campus free speech club, which has a history of organizing controversial events, including one featuring white supremacists Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern. He denies that he is racist, and says “it would be detrimental to stay with a party that actually is that [racist].”

According to Isidorou, Walushka accidentally sent the email to him.

“Is this a trap?” Isidorou says he first wondered. “Because I’m persona non grata in the party, so I thought, ‘Why would they be this stupid to send this to me of all people?’”

“A lot of normal people are in the party that don’t know any better.”

He claims that soon after, he received several follow-up messages. These emails, allegedly from Walushka and PPC communications director Daniel Tyrie, stated he had been an unintended recipient of the email and was legally bound by a non-disclosure agreement not to share it. Ricochet has seen these emails but not verified their authenticity.

A message alleged to have come from Tyrie outlines a plan of attack should the original email be made public. “We could easily assume blame on a volunteer that wrote the e-mail, or it could have been hacked by our opponents to create fake news and sensationalism. Any attempt at contacting leftist media outlets for five minutes of fame will be discredited swiftly and prosecuted.”

Isidorou says he found it “a little strange” that Tyrie would “preemptively” describe the party’s PR strategy.

A blog post by Walushka on the website Right for BC contains paragraphs that are identical to those in an email alleged to have been sent by him.

Threats of legal action

The initial email also refers to “a current effort to establish a consistent policy and marketing strategy – at a national level” and directs readers to a webpage to download a memo about including people of colour in photography and social media to placate the “Leftist ‘fake news.’”

Ricochet was able to access the webpage but did not find the memo. Isidorou says he never saw it on the site.

This morning the PPC issued an official statement on the case via Twitter, referring to “nasty attacks against our party” and “forged documents.”

“We know who is spreading them. We are building a legal case against them and will intervene in due time,” it states.

A call to the party’s executive director had not yet been returned by publication time.

Walushka also emphasized that legal action would be taken concerning “fraudulent, forged information that’s been provided to the press.”

For his part, Isidorou says he spoke to his lawyer about releasing the emails and is prepared for litigation if necessary.

“I just feel like this is something that needs to come out,” he says, explaining he was “doing a public service by actually exposing this to the public.”

“A lot of normal people are in the party that don’t know any better.”