Originally published in French, this statement has been translated into English by Ricochet.

It is horror which seized us, this morning, as we learned the incredible news: a bloody attack on Charlie Hebdo, armed men, a dozen dead, close to twenty wounded. That horror has left us stunned, and without words.

Friendship, then, for those we know, and those we love — and for those we do not. Pain for the dead, and anguish for the wounded. Fellowship and the desire to offer comfort to their family, their friends, their children. How can we show that we are with you, in all our love, and our powerlessness? Because we are with you, with all our heart.

And finally, determination. These are journalists they sought to kill, the press they wanted shut down and freedom they wanted to destroy. To that we say: we will not yield. In difficult times today, and in the dark days to come, it is vital that freedom continues to be expressed, and spoken. We will continue our work of providing information and bearing witness, with greater determination and energy than ever before.