Hello everyone,

I am here this morning to share with you the result of a long and deep reflection.

Today, I have made the choice to join a political party.

I am joining a political party because I believe the political class which has ruled us for 30 years must be removed from power.

This political class has betrayed Quebec.

It always puts its friends — the big corporations, the engineering firms, the doctors’ lobby — before the people of Quebec. In power or not, whether red or blue, it always makes the same choices.

This political class has chosen free trade instead of ensuring the people of the regions have a job and a livelihood. It has chosen the obsession with “déficit zéro,” even as the children of Quebec go to schools that are in ruins, taught by teachers who are overloaded.

This political class has either chosen to divide us, according to our religion, our origin or our region, or it has instrumentalized those divisions — all to win elections.

Because I am a leftist, because I am a sovereigntist, and because it is time to put an end to the political impasse in Quebec, I am joining a political party. I am joining Québec solidaire. Because it is the only party where I feel at home.

For the past 10 years, thanks to the dedication of its activists, Québec solidaire has grown steadily. The party is today recognized as a legitimate political actor, and its proposals are known to Quebecers. No one doubts that Québec solidaire is here to stay.

Françoise David’s departure shook the Quebec political scene. We will miss her dearly. For Québec solidaire, the transition ahead is of course a challenge, but it is also an incredible opportunity: An opportunity to undertake a true renewal.

I stand here before you this morning because I want to take part in that transition. And so my decision is made.

This morning, I am announcing my candidacy for the position of spokesperson for Québec solidaire.

I will also be a candidate for the party’s nomination in the riding of Gouin.

I am running because I believe in Québec solidaire, but also and especially because I believe in what this party can become.

This is my main goal: To help bring Québec solidaire into a new era.

I believe that QS can, and must, become a leading political force in Quebec.