No matter which way forward this movement chooses, there is no questioning the impact it has had thus far on Quebec society and our beleaguered Liberal government. After attempting to rebrand student strikes as “boycotts” in 2012, the Liberals are at it again, suffering such heavy political damage that they are now demanding journalists refer to their “so-called austerity agenda.” For reasons passing comprehension, a number of journalists willingly go along with these partisan diktats.

A strike is a strike, austerity is austerity and the government’s sinking poll numbers are reflective of both those facts.

Here at Ricochet, half our English editorial board spent 2012 covering the strike, while half of our French board were busy running it. This outlet was established in part out of frustration at the terrible mainstream coverage accorded to students in 2012, particularly in English, and our desire to build something capable of doing better. We wear our progressive persuasions proudly, the better that you can understand our biases, but we like to think we report the facts and explain the situation as well as anyone.

We’re tremendously proud of the coverage we have offered thus far, including stunning pictures, video reports, time lapses and innovative profiles of protesters. Editor Ethan Cox, whose work in 2012 explaining the student movement to an international audience for rabble won wide acclaim, is writing regularly. We’ve also supplemented our reporting with incisive opinion pieces by authors like Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and Sébastien Robert, and translated those articles into English. Finally we’re proud and lucky to have video and photo reports from our friends Mario Jean, AJ Korkidakis, Robert van Waarden and Alex Bailey.

But as our coverage expands, it becomes harder to locate. That’s why we built this handy almanac, where you can peruse all of our Printemps 2015 content in one place, in reverse chronological order. There’s plenty more on the French side of this site, and our coverage is ongoing, so check back often!

April 21

Assault with silly string: Quebec student strike leader jailed indefinitely

On the case of Hamza Babou, a strike organizer refused bail and jailed indefinitely pending trial for discharging silly string in a security guard’s face.

April 15

In Quebec’s strike, students are the real targets of intimidation

On claims of intimidation.

April 10

Pepper spray, a kettle and a great big hug

Mario Jean with a video report from the day’s student strike protest.

April 9

· Montreal professors stare down riot cops

Ethan Cox reports on a remarkable incident at UQAM, where a line of profs linked arms and stood between students and riot cops on campus to protect them from police violence.

April 8

· Montreal 2072: a steampunk student strike from the future

Concept artist Nicolas Francoeur brings us this visually sumptuous series of illustrations of what the faces of a Quebec student strike might look like in the year 2072.

April 7

· In Quebec, a clash of generations

Shawn Katz on why the conflict playing out in Quebec’s streets is about more than austerity, it’s a generational struggle for the future of our society.

April 4

· The faces of April 2: profiles from Quebec’s anti-austerity movement

Using an innovative technique, Robert van Waarden interviews a dozen activists in the streets of Montreal to ask why they’re protesting austerity, and what their hopes for the future are. The twist is he shot video of their silent faces, overlaying the audio of their voice like narration over a living portrait. It’s unique, really neat and unlike anything you’ve seen before.

April 3

· The students strike back: 75,000 protest austerity in Montreal

On Apr. 2, 75,000 people met in the streets of Montreal to protest austerity. Ethan Cox reports, with a photo essay by AJ Korkidakis.

· VIDEO: Manif2Avril, the fight against austerity in pictures

A video report by Mario Jean from the Apr. 2 protest.

· VIDEO: 75,000 against austerity, a one-minute time lapse

A one-minute time lapse of the Apr. 2 crowd passing under the Berri overpass by Mario Jean.

April 2

· Strike day in Montreal

A preview of the Apr. 2 demonstration by Ethan Cox.

April 1

· EXPLAINER: Will Quebec’s student movement opt for a spring strike, or a strategic fallback?

An explainer by Ethan Cox on the divide within the student movement leading to the resignation of the ASSE executive this weekend.

March 30

· Quebec police don’t live in a bubble

The English translation of a piece by Ricochet columnist Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois blaming media hyperbole for police brutality. The original French is here

· Dear Quebec police, please go kettle yourselves

The English translation of a piece by Ricochet contributor Sébastien Robert on the irony of police who are themselves victims of austerity, brutalizing students protesting the same policies. The original French is here

March 26

· EXPLAINER: Everything you need to know about Quebec’s latest student strike

An explainer for those outside Quebec by Ethan Cox covering basics such as, what is a student strike? What is austerity? Can the government cancel the semester, as they have threatened to do?

March 25

· VIDEO: Quebec students defiant in face of police attacks

Video report by Mario Jean from the first night demo of the strike. A lot of police violence in this one.

March 24

· VIDEO: A day in the life of a student striker

Video report by Mario Jean from the first day of the strike. More police violence.


March 20

· Austerity kills: Liberals tumble, Quebec Solidaire gain in new poll

Analysis of provincial polling by Ethan Cox.

February 26

· Quebec Education Minister resigns in disgrace

Rob Green on the resignation of the Liberal education Minister.